OSA News – DC chapter – October 2019

OSA DC chapter was full of activity during the summer and fall of 2019. The summer was spent in preparing for and supporting OSA Golden Jubilee convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Many families from DC chapter took leadership in various committees. The children and adults participated in various seminars and cultural events. Vising artists from Odisha and India kept the chapter busy during fall. Below is the summary of activities of DC chapter.

Raja Picnic – June 15, 2019

DC chapter organized Raja Picnic on June 15, 2019 in Cabin John Regional Park, Picnic Shelter A in Potomac, Maryland. Many young families joined to celebrate Raja playing volleyball, eating good food and gossiping. Children enjoyed face painting and adults enjoyed gossiping and taking pictures. The event was very successful.

OSA 50th National Convention Participation

Apart from the host chapter NYNJ, OSA DC chapter was the second largest participants in OSA Golden Jubilee celebration in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Members were very excited because of the proximity of the venue and because it was very special as regards Odia history. The children participated in many different cultural activities and competitive events and received awards. The adults took leadership roles in organizing various seminars as well as participating in cultural events such as Pramod Pattnaik Drama competition, Pala, Fashion Show, Antakshari etc. The chapter also produced chapter video and videos of some notable members of DC chapter for OSA archive movement. Below is a summary of chapter participation in OSA Golden Jubilee celebration.

  • Shamik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award – Dola Renea Sen, Second Position
  • Subrina Biswal Award in Performing Arts –Debanshi Chowdhury and Suchismita Ojha (First Prize/Senior)
  • Odia Speech Competition – Debanshi Chowdhury (1st prize)
  • Odia Vocabulary Competition – Aradhya Pradhan (3rd prize)
  • OSA Got Talent – Debanshi (winner), Anika Satapathy and Dola Renea Sen (Runners-Up)
  • Fashion Show – Tina and Anika Satapathy participated in the fashion show
  • Odissi Presentation – Simoni Mishra, Debanshi Chowdhury, Manaswee Mishra, Suchismita Ojha
  • Antakshari – Many OSA DC members participated
  • Champu, Chhanda, Odissi – Many DC children participated
  • Odia Poetry Reading – Dr Bigyani Das was one of the organizers. Chapter members Dr Shashadhar Mohapatra, Dr Devraj Sahu, Dr Babru Samal, Jhinu Chhotray, Dr Joy Gopal Mohanty, Dr Debasmita Patra, Sulochana Pattnaik read poems.
  • Odia Literature Forum: Dr Bigyani Das was one of the organizers. Chapter members Dr Shashadhar Mohapatra, Dr Babru Samal, and Sulochana Pattnaik participated and shared their stories of becoming a writer and publishing their writing in book form.
  • Drama – Chapter participated in Pramod Pattnaik inter-chapter drama competition and presented a beautiful drama “Srikrusnanka Sheshahasa”. The participants were Nrusingha Mishra, Meera Mohapatra, Sikhanda Satapathy, Utkal Nayak, Bigyani Das, Manoj Mishra, Leena Mishra, Joy Gopal Mohanty, Debanjan Chowdhury and Snigdha Mishra. The people that helped in the background are Anjana Chowdhury, Ila Ojha and Sulochana Pattnaik.
  • Pala – Chapter members Dr Naresh Das and Dr Nrusingha Mishra participated in the Pala presentation.
  • Chhamana Athaguntha Drama – This was presented by Canada Chapter and Washington DC chapter. The participants from Washington DC chapter were: Nrusingha Mishra, Meera Mohapatra, Joy Gopal Mohanty, Debanjan Chowdhury, Shashadhar Mohapatra
  • Chapter Theme Dance Presentation and Sambalpuri Dance - The children that participated are: Simoni Mishra, Debanshi Chowdhury, Manaswee Mishra, Suchismita Ojha, Ronika Das, Sarasi Rout

Volunteers in Convention Organizing Team:

  • Leena Mishra, Pratap Das – Cultural Team
  • Bigyani Das, Sikhanda Satapathy – Souvenir Team
  • Bigyani Das, Surendra Ray, Atasi Das – OSA Archive Team
  • Ajaya Mohanty, Bigyani Das – OSA Seminar Team
  • OSA Leadership – Utkal Nayak, Treasurer (2019-2021)


Dr Babru Samal of Washington DC chapter has captured pictures of many OSA events in local level as well as OSA National Annual conventions. His service is invaluable to the OSA community. OSA 2019 Golden Jubilee pictures are available at http://www.babru.com/OSA19/

 OSA National Award Winners

  • Distinguished Odia Award - Dr. Bigyani Das (Dayton, MD)
  • Yuva Kala Vikas Award - Debanshi Nikita Chowdhury (Germantown, Maryland)
  • Youth Volunteer Award - Alok Mohanty (Elkridge, MD)

Musical Night – July 12, 2019

Musical night with visiting Odia musicians was held on July 12 at Athithi Indian Cuisine Party Hall in Chantilly, Virginia. Bonus attraction was Archita Sahu, the Ollywood actress of fame.

Saswat Joshi and Group Dance Program – July 20, 2019

The dance performance by Shashwat Joshi and Group was held on July 20 at 5 PM at Hindu Temple auditorium. The team presented Nabakalebara and Sambalpuri Dances. Nabakalebar was an innovative dance program with popular bhajan songs choreographed in Odissi style.

The organizers were Sikhanda Satapathy, Tina Satapathy, Manoj Mishra, Snigdha Hota Mishra.

Sohini Mishra Singing Program – August 9, 2019

OSA DC members worked with Hindu Temple management to present the musical evening in the prayer hall of the Hindu Temple on August 9, 2019 at 7 PM. The program included both bhajan songs and other popular songs in Odia and Hindi. Prem Shankar Das accompanied in Tabla.

Ganesh Puja – September 8, 2019

DC Chapter organized Ganesh Puja on September 8, 2019 at Hindu Temple. Temple Priest Pitambar Punditji performed Puja. Puja started around noon and followed by Bhoga and Prasad.

The chapter conducted Children Odia vocabulary Context. Following people put together the competition.

  • Sponsor: Dr Ajit Das
  • Quiz Master: Dr Bigyani Das
  • Organizer/Coordinator: Anjana Chowdhury and Pipi Das
  • Judges:
  • Dr Babru Samal
  • Dr Devraj Sahu
  • Dr Shasadhara Mohapatra

Special thanks to all parents and our audience too. That was such a wonderful, and successful event. Fifteen children participated in the contest. All of them did extremely well considering their age. Top 3 finalists are: Aradhya Pradhan, Krish Behera, Samiksha Nayak.

Ganesh Puja pictures can be found at http://www.babru.com/gpuja19/

Saptavarna – Seven Shades of Dance and Music – September 29, 2019

Indian Performing Arts Promotions Inc. (IPAP) and Pallavi School of Dance presented SAPTAVARNA - Seven Shades of Dance & Music on Sunday September 29th at  Earnst  Community Cultural Center, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Annandale, VA 22003 at 3 PM - 8 PM.  This was an eighteen (18) member dance team from India from seven styles of Indian Classical Dance styles such as Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniatam and a Contemporary Dance group from Bangalore.

OSA DC members supported the event in the organization process as well as selling the ticket and in guest relations.

Upcoming Event – Kumar Purnami on October 19, 2019

OSA DC will celebrate Kumar Purnami on October 19 at Hindu Temple auditorium. The program will showcase OSA DC children as well as adults of varying ages. The theme dance consisting of 20 children is being planned and the children are busy in practicing.

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