Welcome to Nashville : Home of OSA 2020 Convention

Dear OSA members ,
Greetings to you all !!
 :ଜନନୀ ଜନ୍ମ ଭୂମିଶ୍ଚ ସ୍ୱାର୍ଗଦପୀ ଗରୀୟସୀ  :
We are far from our mother land. We are at USA. Our pioneer members formed this holy organisation
“Odisha Society of the America’s “ 50 years back for homage to Odisha, India with the intention to spread our culture at abroad, teach our culture to children, Feel our culture as back home through different cultural activities (ବାର ମାସରେ ତେର ପରବ ) and yearly CONVENTION.
As president of southern chapter OSA ,it is a pleasure to inform you that OSA 2020, 51st Convention will be held at Music City Nashville TN from July 2nd 2020 to July 5th 2020. July 5 th 2020 is BAHUDA Jatra day.Any one can stay and enjoy the Bahuda Jatra  at Sri Ganesh Temple,  Nashville, TN.
I personally and Mousumi Swain Vice President, welcomes all the members, your families, your friends to attend the convention and share your talents ,experience s, technology in different seminars, cultural programs etc and enjoy
the event with Odiya food.
Your advice, suggestions, coordination and cooperation always solicited to make the convention success.
Our Convener is Dr. Gita Mishra. Nashville TN.
With regards & thanks
Nalini Patnaik  ,Phone 6158777476
(President-osa south)
Mousumi Swain , Phone 615 9452124
(Vice President -osa south)

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