Fom the OSA H&W Secretary’s Desk

Dr. Rajashree Mohanty, MD

My heartiest congratulations to all who have brought OSA H&W to existence!! There has been a need for such an organization for many years and now it is a reality! Mission goals are great and are certainly achievable with cooperation of all of us , the Odiya Physicians of US. The first step obviously will be to recruit members. Everyone of us who are already part of this will have to present our mission goals to our Odiya Physician Friends encouraging them to join the group. Fortunately Physicians of Odiya origin are scattered in almost all States of US and their specialties encompass most recognized specialties in US. We have a lot to offer in form of care and counseling and should be our privilege to offer that to our own kinsmen in addition to the folks of our adopted country.

My recommendation for the group , in addition to our mission goals,would be to have some form of emergency response system for visitors of Odiya origin( Physicians or otherwise) who happen to be victim of medical emergencies in US. Often they can be elderly folks visiting their children. These numbers have significantly increased over the years. Some of us are aware of the outstanding job our team did in coordinating medical services for a visiting Odiya Physician who became victim of a severe accident in Seattle,WA. If not anything else local Odiya Physicians were there within minutes to provide the support the family so needed.

I consider it a privilege to be part of this group and will look forward to active participation now and in future.


Dr. Rajashree Mohanty, MD

Pediatrics (Retd)

Tampa, FL

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