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Dr. Sangita Pradhan, MD

Growing up in a family and witnessing my parent’s act of loving and serving others, has not only ingrained in me the passion to share and care but has always been the core of my life. These acts of servitude always gives me immense satisfaction and joy. All of us have a desire of doing something that’s beyond our everyday routine of doing things for our family, friends and work that’s our designated responsibility. To contribute towards the bigger cause of the society, for the not so fortunate and witness that smile and glare in those eyes is soul touching.

With this thought in my heart and blessed to contribute towards the greater cause of the society. I and other patrons started a nonprofit group for those sweet children who don’t have any family to support them. With the help of our volunteers, contribution from donors and local businesses, our organization has grown slowly over time and is able to support more children with much better living conditions. Now that their basic needs have been met, we are able to work towards their overall development including academic, extracurricular and cultural activities.

All of us have the humanity hidden within us. Although we have a desire to serve but due to the lack of a proper trustworthy platform we are unable to execute this desire in a bigger scheme. Our organization will encourage likeminded people who want to further this and see this dream of helping humanity come true.

In our lives we come across people who inspire us .Such people go about doing these acts of greatness quietly as part of their normal routine. This act of humanity is the essence of a blessed life. The person who befits this description is none other than our very own, Dr. Nitin Doshi. He has helped so many young and aspiring Odia / non Odia physicians in their desperate time and given them the opportunity of lifetime to start their career and establish themselves here. He has been a soulful mentor and also provided them with the warmth and love of home away from home, I express my heartfelt gratitude to him and he will always inspire us to carry on his legacy.

I am proud to be associated with him in our OSA H&W to give our service back to our Odia society. We have so many like-minded people in our group here that inspire, motivate us. I would love to learn and contribute my part to accomplish a common goal of helping humanity.  As they say the twigs have to come together to produce fire. OSA-H&W, as a group will achieve much more than what we can individually. When we have such a powerhouse of talent, nobility and good professionals gathered together for our mission, the sky is the limit.


Dr. Sangita Pradhan, MD

Internist/ Private Practice

Rochester Hills, Michigan


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