Message from OSA Health & Wellness Group Chairman

Dr. Devashish Ray, MD

In the humdrum of my busy life, travelling through 3 continents, multiple licensures, craving for more, trying to prove my mettle far away from the familiar shores, I periodically pause to reflect on the footprints in the sands of time - from a youthful exuberant (knowing all, daring all) to a mellowed professional man yearning to charter the soulful journey of service to mankind.

While gliding through my life’s journey with its own stressors, there was always a simmer of subtle hope/ wish and self-commitment to ‘Give back to the society’. When I went to OSA convention in New Jersey for the first time this summer and attended our med school reunion, there was a chance

discussion to form an Odia physicians’ group. This whispering slowly culminated into a wonderful “health care group of Odia physicians for social cause”. When you see other like-minded well esteemed physicians ready for this purpose, this was nothing else but a divine force guiding us.

During our infantile, formative stage, we huddled as a small group, expanded, added more members and developed our own committees, planned to collaborate with OSA. This process has been appreciated from both (by physicians as well as OSA), pending formal agreement. Once the deal is sealed, we will be ready to roll out our projects for ODISHA to start with. This will need the assistance of Odisha Govt. and we are in the process to establish contact. The Odisha Chief Minister will be glad to extend his helping hand and guidance for Odisha targeted projects. Other patrons who will be more than happy to support us are IMA (Odisha), Rotary club of Odisha etc. The OSA HW North America group will expand to add more members from each state and Canada, create 4 different zones, for easy accessibility and further create a Rapid Response Team, available at short notice to give medical suggestion in emergency/urgent situation.

The Projects we have in mind in general will target ODISHA population – like mobile units, telehealth, health fair and other to be decided. Odisha populace can avail the expert, up-to-date medical advice from Best American Odia physicians, sitting right in their home or clinic from the remotest corner of Odisha. This will connect Odia people with the best American medical advice and counseling by none other than their fellow Odias.

There are plans to connect/communicate with younger Odia physicians or students in Odisha medical school about the North American medical system, how to navigate through and guide them in their quest for the American dream.

We are creating an E- registry of Odia Physicians of North America which will help Odia people living in North America to have easy access for advice or recommendation in emergency/urgent situation or provide medical opinion. As of now, there is no such system for Odia Physicians or Odia people living in North America to access our own Odia physicians.

This group’s formation and its projects, mission is unique and novel in many ways:

  1. There is no such organization existing or existed ever in North America prior to our group.
  2. Build a strong Medical community of Odia Physicians bonded together as well as with Health care Professional group in Odisha.
  3. Helping and supporting our budding health care professionals during the time of need and in career enhancement.
  1. Helping our own Odia population residing in North America during any emergency /urgency /medical opinion.
  2. Planning, executing Health care projects in Odisha and much more.
  3. Resource for young physicians from Odisha interested to pursue higher studies in North America.

With this hope in our heart and the passionate support of all our members, we are surging ahead with our dream mission and wish to accomplish it, one step at a time. The backbone of this group is our senior patrons, who are established doyen in their field and who motivate us each day. I am proud to mention a few and am sure we have many more who will step in to guide us as needed. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Durga Misra who was instrumental in forming the group, setting up the team and supporting us in our effort. My Special thanks with utmost reverence to our founding patrons, Drs. Ramprasad Pattnaik, Nitin Doshi, Nanak Agarwal, and Pramod Mohanty who have spent many hours guiding us through this phase. Our young and vibrant members of the group are ever ready to take on the challenge. Our working committee members –Drs. Basant Mohapatra, Nibedita Mohanty, Sunita Kanumury (ex-AAPI President), Sangita Pradhan and Rajshree Mohanty have always rendered their heart and soul for the group starting from its conception. Dr. Amit Chakraborty is our new welcome addition to the working committee. I and the working committee are really indebted to our beloved member Ms. Lipi Mohanty (IT) for her enormous contribution, hard work, passion and zeal to make sure our mission is on track.

Lastly, My sincere thanks, gratitude to Ms. Kuku Das, OSA President Mr. Anil Pattnaik, OSA Vice president and their BOG (Board of Governors) for welcoming us with open arms and encouraging us to be the champion of their vision-OSA Care.

With all this inspiration, love, support from each and every member of our group, I sincerely bow my head with exaltation and remain obliged to do my BEST and work tirelessly for our mission.



Dr. Devashish Ray, MD

Regional Director Primary Care Atlanta VA MedicalHealthcare Systems

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