From the Editors Desk

Dr. Sangita Pradhan

The cornerstones for the growth of OSA- HW has been persistence, perseverance,dedication and contribution.
What started as a classroom conversation turned into active dynamism. The actions have spoken for itself more than words.
Now we are here with our 2nd edition of EJournal for the community with articles of relevance for all walks of life that will even further our growth. We have evolved and caught up with latest technology and have it available in the most user friendly format including cell phones which have become a crucial part of us. Our journal can be easily shared on social media as desired.
Enthusiasm from members and audience has been encouraging. We can see a structure shaping up that will keep on evolving and taking its best shape over this strong foundation.
Going forward we aspire to do even better, we plan on having more common  medical topics  and more
participation. There will be discussion forum available where people can ask questions that will be answered by experts in respective specialties.
Sincerely like to thank on behalf of the EJournal Committe to all our contributors for the current edition as well as all members for continuous support and encouragement.
Members can send articles anytime as per their convenience, we will archive it for review and publication in subsequent  editions.
Finally I would like to thank our EJournal team for all their time and countless effort in publishing this edition.
Last but not the least without the technological support from Nagesh Rajanala we would it would have been extremely difficult to achieve this goal.
“Working for a cause is an ongoing journey not a destination”

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