Prasanta Kumar Raj, M.D.

“It seems like our years of prayers have been answered,” Lord Krishna told in Gita, “to do our duties only and never look for or try to understand the meaning of the result.” Our identity from the Independence era started as addressing oneself as, “ Your most obedient servant.”   Little did we know, unlike those who have to work to support a family, that Corona has been a Karuna (Blessings) for us in the end.

Corona is perceived as a synonym for death. This makes people reflect on their past deicsions .This sudden fear of death has transformed us, the people of Kali Yuga to the time of Satya Yuga (Golden Period).

This quarantine has brought us together as a family ,sharing and spending time with each other .We have now plenty of time for each other enjoying home cooking and of course no weight issues . Everyone is spending more time on mental and physical development going for leisure walks and meditating  There is no need for expensive clothes or jewelries.  Fewer people has led to less traffic ,pollution and emissions, tickets ,accidents ,dropping the gas prices  to what it was over 40 years ago.    Now we have clean air to breathe and see the stars, the moon and horizon.  Families are coming together ,  volunteering and helping each other .  People understand the value of peace and simple living.  Groceries can be dropped of at the doorsteps .

Government is even trying to help you financially instead of only taking money by taxes. There is plenty of time to talk to one’s friends and relatives.   Everyone is now very creative and innovative by rekindling their past interests and picking up new challenges, such as reading, writing, painting, sewing, cooking, playing games, cards and computer graphics etc.  People are finding unique creative innovative ways to make others happy and laugh.  People are not getting sick because of good food, good air, exercise, absence of secondhand smoking, alcohol, no pollution etc.  One can peacefully pray at their own home for as long as they want and enrich their faith and knowledge.  Meanings of our belief of non-violence and to be a vegetarian, not consuming animal meat, is getting appreciated.  Finally, we have relearned, “Namaskar,”  the values of all our deep-rooted traditions . We now have discovered how many beautiful parks; waterfalls and hiking trails are nearby our houses.  Animals are moving freely on the streets without any fear.    People are  supporting charities and doing random acts of kindness.  The fear of death has finally stimulated all our good karmas to emerge from within us. Our motto has been to help each other!  The real question is how long the humans can maintain such behaviors?

We started our life in Kali Yuga as all of us know, but little did we know that we would actually end up in Satya Yuga!  How long will this Satya Yuga last is unknown.  Will it be short lived?   If so, then we can tell that our good Karma has at least let us experience the Satya Yuga, even though it was very short lived. Just like Pankaja or Lotus flower, which arises from mud, Corona has given life to, “Karuna (Blessings) from our own soul.

God, to you, we have always prayed with the one, who is devoid of all Mantra’s and devotions to accept our prayer as it is.  But now please accept our modified version of prayer as being to take away this, “Corona and Karuna Kara”. (Give your Blessings). Please!


(With sincere apologies for any one who’s livelihood and loved one has been affected with Coronavirus.  Purpose of the article is a reflection and satire on one’s life only)

May 4th, 2020


Prasanta Kumar Raj, M.D.

Emeritus Chairman, Department of Surgery

Fairview Hospital, Cleveland Clinic,

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