Leadership Matters !

Dr. Ramprasad Patnaik, MD

The role of a leader is important and essential to achieve the goal of a family, a group, a city, a nation and the world. A good and successful leader must have effective communication skill, motivation and inspiration skill and management skill. Adaptibility is a key factor to follow. The leader must be willing to be flexible,think different from different perspectives and listen to the pros and cons  with open mind and the feedbacks. He must be passionate making the members to put all their efforts into the cause for which they are striving for and improve their productivity and commitment. A leader must be truthful, sincere, dedicated honest for the project. He must maintain their confidence and trust. The leader must be prepared for sacrifice,compromise,and preserve the unity of the group while getting the successful results.

A leader does his job in different places and in different names. He or she may be parents of a family, principal or teacher in  school or colleges, political leader like mayor of a city, Governor of a state, President or prime minster of a country. His or her judgement and decision for the group  is very vital for the success. The effect of the wrong decision will lead to chaos, disruption and destruction, violence and killings and even wars. Recent pandemics Covid19
is an example. Future problems will lead to global catastrophies like nuclear war, biological and chemical war, global warming with

Uncontrolled climate change, Hurricanes, Tsunamies,super cyclones, frequent tornadoes and floods and multiple pandemics. Prevention and preparedness for the disasters is essential. World leaders had to discuss and decide the steps and practice ahead of time. World needs the cooperation of the leaders to protect the human race and to help each other to maintain world peace and healthy nations, and healthy relations. Immortal leaders had taught us how to practice principles of nonviolence like Gandhiji, Civil right movement like Martin Luther King and antiaparthied movement of Nelson Mandela. They succeeded in their movements by inspiring and motivating the people and gave their lives for them, country and the world.

The root of the success starts from the groups and their leaders.

OSA Health and wellness group is one such  group which will follow certain guide lines and principles to help the need of their roots.

Dr.Ramprasad Patnaik,MD
Senior member
Working committee,

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