Kabitha Patha and Sahitya Mancha at the 50th Convention – July 2019

Ms. Bigyani Das reports on two Odia literature sessions held during OSA Golden Jubilee Convention in Atlantic City,

Sahitya Mancha – Literature Forum

Odia Literature forum (sahitya mancha) was held on July 5th morning. Because guests were still arriving and figuring out event places, this event was missed by some enthusiastic participants. However, the event was very successful as the writers from the community shared their writing experience in the adopted land. They talked about their inspirations, opportunities and going through the publishing process. Satya Pattanaik, who had started a press with the name BLACK EAGLE BOOKS, talked about the motivation behind starting his own press and providing opportunity for writers like him in USA the best opportunity to publish their manuscripts on time.

Mrs Subhashree Das talked about her book publication with her write-ups that she had been publishing in Samal for some years. She showed her disappointment with very less people in the audience.

Dr Lalu Mansinha shared his optimism about the writer community in OSA that has been persevering through all these years. He was the first person to think about Odia electronic typing scripts when no Odia scripts were available. Now plenty of scripts are available and writers are more inspired.

Dr Babru Samal shared how he started writing in English. Initially he was unable to convey his thoughts. Then he took some classes on English pronunciation to improve his English. Through this process he started writing in English. Translating Pratibha Ray’s “Mahamoha” into English was a kind of journey for him.

The other members that shared their experiences were Shashadhar Mohapatra, Kanak Hota, Bigyani Das, Kalpanamayee Dash and  Sulochana Pattnaik.

Prasanta Bhunya thanked the members and requested everybody to attend the poetry reading session next day.

Odia Poetry Reading

The poetry reading event took place on July 6th morning. Gagan Panigrahi welcomed everyone and summarized the program. Bigyani Das talked about logistics and the general flow of the program as well as requested everybody to stay within the time limit. Unlike the literary forum, more than 70 people attended the session and 26 readers read and entertained the audience through their poems and recitation abilities. Prasanta Bhunya thanked the audience. Group picture was taken. The session ended on time. Here is the list of readers that read their poem during the event.


Readers Title
Jayasmita Mishra Abasara
Sumitra Padhi Matrubhasa
Sulochana Pattnaik Anamika
Niranjana Mishra Kaliare
Shashadhar Mohapatra Tuma Gaan
Devraj Sahu Ganita
Ashutosh Jyotishi Odishara Baisistya
Kalpanamayee Dash Amathu
Sabita and Ineka Panigrahi Kanta o Sumana
Kanaka Hota Jagannatha Astakam
Jhinu Chhotray Mo Chapala Smruti
Debasmita Patra Uddam Singh
Gagan Panigrahi Tume Bi Badaligala
Prasanta Bhunya Rachayita
Bigyani Das E Mahendra Bela
Sunanda Mishra Panda Paramatma
Tanmaya Panda Khara o Shita
Sikhanda Satapathy Niruddista
Surya Mishra Akasha Kahuchhi Ratiku
Rashmi Mohapatra Jhiara Sansara
Joy Gopal Mohanty Tirtha
Jnan Dash Ei Sahakara Tale
Satyajit Pattnaik Mo Kandhei Bahaghara
Swetapadma Dash Ichhamayi Go Swamprabha
Subhasree Das Ashara Kadhiti
Annapurna Pandey OSA o Bandhuta


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