Message from OSA Vice President – Dr. Anil Patnaik

Dear All:

Wishing you all a very happy new year. May the New Year bring prosperity, peace and success in everyone’s life.

Hope you all having a great time in this New Year. While most of us are having a great time in our life, but that was not the case for everyone.

Let me share a recent unfortunate event that happened in Seattle: A story from November: a young Odia couple (Pratik and family from Banki) had their parents visiting them. Just a week before their departure, when both parents were walking outside their daughter’s residence, an SUV came and hit the Dad (Dr. Sahoo) from the back. He was taken to ICU immediately but unfortunately he was announced brain dead, though all his vitals were working perfectly! However little the ray of hope was — it needed an intense, extensive and sustained attention. Here is the news right after accident:

What unfolded after that event was a pure humanity and really heartening to be see the God-sent volunteers at work — OSA President talked to Pratik, Nishikant (OSA NE) started a whatsapp group and 20 individuals from Seattle community/OSA fraternity joined within hours, including members covering east to west with a wide-ranging professions + a few volunteers from Odisha to lend care and a helping hand to the distressed family. The group included people who, except for a few Seattle individuals, didn’t even know the young couple. A series of tasks had to be taken care within a very short duration. Here is a quick list:

  • Doctor help: The newly formed OSA Health & Wellness group under the OSA Care program stepped up. We are indebted to Dr. Devashish Ray immediately talking to emergency doctors. And other two doctors Dr. Ram Patnaik from Atlanta & Philadelphia and Dr. Aditya Dash from Seattle, along with Dr. Ray joined in the conference call with ICU doctors at Seattle to take the big decision on 2nd or 3rd day.
  • Caring for the family during this time of distress: Seattle families worked round the clock to help the family for the non-medical care
  • Hospital attendance
  • Talking to Indian consulate for help
  • Talking to insurance company
  • Dealing with local law enforcement
  • Identifying and talking to local Attorney
  • OSA treasurer was standby with GoFundMe (but not needed because of insurance coverage)
  • Bringing relatives from India (Emergency visa, travel, picking from airport)
  • Hindu funeral home
  • Moving the mortal remains

Unfortunately, it was determined by the experts that the brain could not be revived during the conference call with 3 Odia doctors, and Dr. Sahoo breathed his last breath at 6:30 pm (PST) on 11/22/2019. All of the above tasks were taken care smoothly and his mortal remains were moved to Odisha for the last rites. Once again, our sincere condolences to Pratik and family and wish that Lord Jagannath give them strength.


Here are a few kind words of thanks from the family:

“I really thank you all for the unconditional support, help in these difficult times. Without all your help it would have been very difficult for us to go through this critical time.

I did not feel like I am away from my family. I would remember this for my whole life.” – Pratik at Seattle

“Dear all our family expresses gratitude to each one of you for the continued support which you gave through out the entire process. This contribution shall be remembered for our lifetime. We have felt a big family in US who cared for us.” – Mr. Pradhan, a family member

This unfortunate event reminded again that it could happen to me or anyone.  However, it also reaffirmed that how fortunate we are to be part of such OSA undertakings and blessed to be part of this Odia’s safety net and having a bigger family of wonderful members — all 7-ocean far from us! Can’t thank enough to each and every volunteer…. So proud to be with you?

Success of such social cause depends solely on the passion of the compassionate volunteer base. Evidently, larger the base more effective is such program. Requesting everyone to consider joining this commendable force of OSA’s fraternity…


Jai Jagannath!

Dr. Anil Patnaik

Vice President, OSA

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