There is no one – Sumedha jena – Dec 2018

There is no one

By Sumedha Jena

Walking down the broken path

Trees shadowing the road

I am alone and scared

Nobody can find me

I am stuck in a maze

With all the exits blocked

The voices whisper my name

My memories are hazy and they fade away

It’s been days since I was lost

Nobody has called for me

Nobody noticed that I was gone

I can’t get my voice to speak out

I am surrounded by never ending darkness

I have fallen into a ceaseless abyss

The sun has vanished

The moon has arised

The stars are my only company

Everything is quiet

No sound to be heard

I dream that I will be raised

From this bottomless pit

The rain falls in

And taps ‘hello’ to my hollow head

My smile is stolen from my face

I am afraid to stand in this place

Every night I have no one to talk to

The constant fear wraps its arms

I know that there are worse things

Than being alone

But loneliness is the only thing I have

Right now

I understand..

..that my thoughts will destroy me

The pain has stopped

The sun has come out

The stars are gone

And there is a warmer feeling

I survived another day of being alone