OSA Election 2023 – Call For Nominations

Dear OSA Members:

The OSA Election Committee, as constituted by the General Body, is soliciting nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of The Odisha Society of the Americas for 2023-25. As per the constitution, candidates for the offices of OSA President and Vice President shall campaign on a joint platform as running mates, such that a vote for a Presidential candidate shall automatically mean a vote for his or her running mate. The candidates for the offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected separately.

The nominees, the nominators, and seconders must be OSA Life Members, Patrons, or Benefactors, as defined in the Statement of Rights, for at least one year prior to the date of nomination, and twenty-one (21) years of age or older. The nomination must include a short profile of the candidates in less than 150 words (Examples: election goal, biography, contact details, and links to a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter). In addition, nominations must include candidate photographs in JPG, GIF or PNG format with not exceeding 2MB image size. Photocopy of driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate or a notarized statement to the effect that the nominee is 21 years or older as of January 31st, 2023 must be attached for the nominee’s age verification.

All nominations must include the position sought, the contact information (address, telephone number, and email) of the nominees, and the nominator. All nominations must be e-mailed to the election committee by January 31st, 2023 11:59 PM Central Time to OSAElection2023@gmail.com with complete and correct contact information of the nominees (including other additional details) and the nominators. Incorrect contact information may lead to the rejection of the nomination. Please note you must nominate a candidate for President and Vice President simultaneously in one slate.

Nominations for secretary and treasurer should be in an independent slate.

The Following changes in election rules that are effective starting year 2023 are as below:

  1. The current Executive Committee can contest for the election to office for a second term, with a clause of maximum two terms in the same role for the executives.
  2. Starting in 2023, each candidate will have an opportunity to withdraw the nomination within 4 weeks of filing the nomination.

The Nomination Forms are attached. Please complete the form, sign and attach a scanned pdf copy to the nomination e-mail. In addition, attach short profiles of candidates as an MS Word Document and the candidate’s photograph files. Any correspondence on the election subject will be electronic (via email) only. All emails on this subject must be sent to OSAElection2023@gmail.com


Election 2023 Calendar

  • Deadline for the official ballot list including all members eligible to vote to be received from OSA Secretary by January 10, 2023.
  • All nominations must be emailed to the election committee by January 31, 2023, 11:59 PM Central Time. Election Committee will acknowledge all the nominations by email.
  • Nominated candidates will have 4 weeks of time (i.e., prior to February 28, 2023, 11:59 PM Central Time) to withdraw their nomination.
  • Election ballots will be sent to eligible members on or before March 12, 2023 (2nd Sunday of March).
  • Votes must be cast electronically no later than April 2, 2023, 11:59 pm Central Time (1st Sunday of April).
  • Ballot will be counted, and the election results will be notified to OSA President by April 23, 2023 (4th Sunday of April).

With this letter, we are also requesting the Chapter Presidents and members of the Board of Governors of OSA to disseminate the election announcement as widely as possible.

Please contact the OSA Secretary Mr. Pramod Mahapatra at secretary@odishasociety.org to update the member’s email address and mailing address.


2023 OSA Election Committee

Nihar Rout, Sunil Mishra, Uma Misra


President and Vice-President



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