In Memoriam – Dr. Subhas C. Mohapatra

Aja - Aryan Das

Aja was very kind and caring towards everyone. He took a lot of pride in his research, and invited me to visit his farm several times. I always wished I could visit his farm, but never got a chance to. I deeply regret not going there. I wanted him to know that I appreciated his research and him by visiting the place he took so much pride in. I know he would have been happy if anyone visited or looked at his work. Aja was a role model to me. He was very active and worked hard. I have not seen people with as much energy as he had. He was very sociable towards everyone and I enjoyed talking with him. I used to have conversations with him about how he played soccer in India.

I will miss him,


I am very grateful, I met a person as amazing as him.

Last Good-bye - Dr. Nirupama K. Mohapatra

A cold December morning

My brain is frozen

My heart is cold

My body shivers.

What did I hear?

My husband has “passed”

But, he did not take a test !

He is gone?

But I am not finished

Talking; Nagging; and Complaining.

Most of All, I am not done loving him!

Please God,

Give me one minute with him

Just to hold him tight

Feel his heart beat

And tell him, please take me with you.

We are a team.


(Nirupma married Subhas babu in Boston Massachusetts at the age of 20. Their love affairs lasted 52 years. In America, Subhas babu is survived by Niru his wife, Gautam his son, Tanuja his daughter, Christopher his son in law, and Malini his granddaughter. Even though he lived in the U.S. for 53 years, Subhas babu should be remembered for his pride and commitment, and dedication to Odisha.)