OSA News – Rocky Mountain Chapter

We are pleased to report that the OSA-Rocky Mountain Chapter (OSARM) has galloped along its upward trajectory over the past year.  The chapter has currently around 45 families, who have enthusiastically participated in all community activities. Several events have been hosted and coordinated by the chapter and its members, brief summaries of which follow.

Members of OSARM participated in three outdoor and one indoor picnics in 2017, enjoying the brief summer of Denver.  In keeping with our cultural roots, several ethnic festivals were celebrated by members. Diwali was celebrated in a local club, where the community kids joyously set the night air ablaze with firecrackers.   In addition, annual Ganesh and Saraswati Puja celebrations were hosted by individuals, who were fantastically supported by other OSARM members.

In continuation with our tradition of the preceding years, the cohesion between the family members of OSARM and their camaraderie with other communities allowed us successfully execute the fourth annual cultural program in a row.   The cultural event had participation from talents from within the Odia community and the larger Indian community in the Denver metro area.  Participants of all ages demonstrated their skills in various classical dance/music, modern dance/songs, fusion art elements and a fashion show, in front of an audience of around four hundred. The quality and tenor of the overall event has been judged by all comers to be the best OSARM has produced over the last four years.

For cultural event videos, follow the youtube link:


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Charity Event Standupforkids - Suvendu Samal & Samrat Mohanty

In the fall of 2017, OSARM members hosted a dinner drive for homeless and underprivileged kids in Denver, in association with the local charity organization Standupforkids. All families cooked and fed approximately hundred kids on a Sunday evening.    More hearteningly, several small kids of the community displayed their altruism with great zeal in company of the adults.

In closing, it has been exciting and vibrant times at the OSARM, and we are aiming to shine brighter in the future.