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Sahitya Pathachakra on Pandit Godavarish Mishra

Odias in Toronto gathered in Oakville’s Vaishno Devi temple to welcome the spring season with poetry reading and celebrating literary works of a Pandit Godavarisha Mishra.  It was CANOSA’s 12th Sahitya Pathachakra .

This year, around 50 literature lovers attended the event. The program started with Jagannath Ashtakam followed by Saraswati Bandana.

The day was structured into three parts. The first was devoted to the literary work and life of Pandit Godavarish Mishra and talks on his literary works given by Sumitra Padhi (Novels), Niranjan Mishra (Kali Jai), Aryabela Nayak (Life story), Niyati Mohanty (Odishara ardha satabdira itiha o tahinre mo sthana), Madhumita Das (Short story), Sunanda Mishra Panda (Natak), Parasara Mishra and Prasanta  Bhunya. Tanmay babu’s recitation of  “Tunga Sikhari Chula” was appreciated by many and he enlightened the audience with the biography of the poet and his contribution to Odia literature and political life.

Following the discourse on Godavarish Mishra, the second part was the poetry reading session, with a striking enthusiasm and passion. The poets were Gagan Panigrahi (recited by Sabita Panigrahi), Sunanda Mishra Panda, Aryabela Nayak, Satyajit Patnaik, Abhiram Sahoo, Prasanta Bhunya, Parasar Mishra, Madhumita Das, Sumitra Padhi and Niranjana Mishra (recited by Nivedita Patnaik). The poems varied from Odisha history, women issues, social issues and spirituality.

The function ran smoothly due to the efforts of Parasara Mishra, and Tanmay Panda. Parasar Mishra's masterful and articulate moderation along with Tanmaya Babu's zestful speaking created an exciting atmosphere. Although the subject matter was heavy, the environment was a relaxed one. At the end, CANOSA President Sunanda Mishra Panda thanked the participants for joining the Pathachakra.  We are led to believe that there is a lack of interest in Odia literature in North America, but CANOSA has proved otherwise.

We are definitely looking forward to the next Sahitya Pathachakra.  Certainly this year’s Pathachakra was a great celebration of Odisha's heritage.
It is worth noting here that Sahitya Pathachakra is very unique to CANOSA.