OSA News – NY/NJ/PA Chapter

We believe in prosperity. We have a social responsibility to our seniors

SAMPARK: Program is the step in the right direction

My mother who only had up to 3d grade education in Odiya reminded me of my responsibilities to the elderly when I was growing up in my village. Now, my 11-year-old daughter continues to remind me do the same. This is much more important especially the rhetoric we hear every day. Caring, sharing and respect are the core pillars of our society.

Thanks to Bijay Mohanty for leading this program. This is a great program to assist any elderly who seeks assistance. We can only make this bigger and better. This will help us to make our community stronger.

Food Bank Volunteering

Prabhat Mohapatra, Robin Dash, Sudhendu Das and countless others have been volunteering at Hillside Food Bank in New Jersey. They have been doing so at Trenton Soup Kitchen. This is truly an achievement to be proud of. We thank the volunteers for their self-less commitment and dedication.  Such volunteering is earning good will from the community!

We have big hearts. Putting 443 meals on the table on President’s Day in Trenton Soup Kitchen is a great feeling for all of us.

Immigration Workshop

Immigration is a hot potato issue these days. Policies changes are taking place on the fly. The life of the ones on VISA is more challenging now than ever before. We arranged an attorney to answer questions during Saraswati Puja. We created a webinar for all of OSA. We believe solving people’s problem is what we should be doing to build a stronger community.

Mock SAT Prep

Thanks to Sarang Mahatow, OSA NY/NJ Chapter conducted SAT/College preparation webinar and mock SAT Test. Webinar was attended by audience from other chapters. We believe that this will enable our children to score higher and receive admission from better universities. Empowering children to achieve higher is a way to engage OSA/Prospective OSA members. This is one way we are helping our community to move higher.