Book Review – Where there’s a will – Amarendra Khatua – Dec 2018

I have been fond of writing since childhood and writing poetry, stories, playsetc. since ten years of age. I agree it was reduced drastically during the struggle for the existence in life. By the grace of God I could achieve the most. As part of my professional Career, I used to write many research papers and chapters for books in relation to my Profession.

Every human being faces stress in some form or other. So am I. My way of removing stress from my mind is two folds: either performing surgeries or by writing. It was continuing throughout my Professional career and I used to be considered as the happiest person in life. We all know God keeps everything in balance, as for example, a blind person has a very sharp memory and hearing capacity. When my surgical activities got reduced I reverted back to literature in a big way and published the old and new poems, short stories, plays, novels and about my life time hidden experiences.

Out of Sight, out of mind. My work in literature as a budding writer though remarkable for age during my childhood and youth to some extent, was forgotten completely from the mind of almost all in the due course of time. Then I tried to revive the washed away memory by my sincere efforts to prove “where there’s a will…..”
People often comment that a medical Doctors attitude is always dry, but I would like to disprove it as I feel they understand the life much better.

These facts are already being published in two online Odinmagazines “Amen Odia” as “NitaLipireNiihitSeeker O roudra” andVedantias “JevonsNauka” in detail. Besides, the experience to overcome all sorts of difficulties in Profession,Effortsdon’t die, this book deals with much of Passion .
The present book is divided into five parts.

In Part I, I described my years of growing up as a girl in a village later moved to small towns to acqire education. It is important to see, how the mentoring can make a difference. The setback in achild’s mind due to deprivation of my most liking aspect, ie education has enhanced my will power.

Part II high lights the dual actions. I trace my most successful professional journey in a predominantly man’s world. The ups and down during the journey finally made me to stable.

Further, it states about my first love i.e.literature.

To be master in your own field or passion is not enough. One has to face the dark side of the moon. This is narrated in Part III.

To reachthe top one must have someone ideal which is reflected in Part IV. Part V tells us that it is not enough to be in highest position without people’s appreciation.

Finally I would like to tell the whole world that if one has the strong will power always able to fulfill the desire which I could. If there is will both Profession and passion go hand in hand.I will find more pleasure than writing if the readers derive pleasure of reading this book

Prof. Anita Panda

Foreward 01
“Where there is a will……is a creative account of Dr. Anita Panda’s eventful life. The book has eight chapters, each one replete with memories, reflections and introspection on various challenges of life she lived. We can call the book as a string of eight pearls which carry many messages and lessons for all of us. The first chapter entitled “Learning to spread wings” tells how this 8th child born to Gandhian parents in a remote rural village was struggling to find her place in a gender insensitive school while the parents wanted to see her grow up as a Rishi Kanya. The last chapter shows how she really became a Rishi Kanya and one of the top most doctors of the country helping thousands with her professional skills and the basketful of awards and honours she received for her outstanding contribution. Many wonder how she moved effortlessly from writing medical prescriptions to writing poetry, plays and stories that made her popular among the readers. And how naturally she combined the knife with the pen. Readers will find out the secret only after reading this book which is written in a lucid, imaginative and eminently reader friendly style.”
Dr. Bhagbanprakash
Senior Advisor,
India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM)
Election Commission of India

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Individual possess talent, acquired ability and will to succeed in many pursuits. However in the battle field of life , few individuals actually manage to combine with connectivity, aspiration converted into success.

Dr Anita Panda is an exception. She is a renaissance spirit who does many things well and exceeds in all the fields of activities and inactivities she indulges in. She is a notable medical , a social activist , a writer of poetry, short story, novel, drama and other genes, a philanthropist and a proud Odia Woman of life, family and ties.

“Where there is a will” is the latest creation from few range of lifelong production. The book traces the journey from the distant land of Odisha to Delhi of Dr Panda and partly her personal, professional, familial and intellectual experiences that transform her. The book not only touches upon her twist in destiny to become a famous medical practitioner but also how she keeps on intellectual self vibrant with interactive and learning exchanges with people and personalities. Her eventful interaction with people like Rajiv Gandhi,Nandini Satpathy, Sunanda Pattnaik provides insight into her keen socio-literary perception in this autobiographical memoir.

I am sure the book will be a good read and an inspiring publication to many Odias who always love to opine without listening .
“ Where there is a will …….” Refers not only to personal history with creative growth, it documents in a vivid manner Dr Panda’s journey through her life, which is creative, active, inspiring and extremely social. I loved reading the book.