General Secretary’s Update – July to Dec 2020 By Vivek Das

Initiatives having impact on Membership :
OSA has undertaken various measures to appeal to all sections of the diaspora. We had programs for Veterans in our community, Youth, Women's Empowerment, Career Planning, etc; all conducted virtually in this Covid19 times. These programs have kept the community connected in these challenging times. We have seen great enthusiasm from our youth in many activities and some of our youth leaders briefed the BOG on the initiatives that they are undertaking recently. We have seen membership increasing and more engagement from our entire community members across North America. OSA Health and Wellness group has also conducted several information sessions about Covid 19 across the community in North America. A Global Mahotsav is planned in Dec 2020 to connect the Global Odia diaspora. It is hoped to reach a wider audience and appeal through these many initiatives. The EC team, BOG are in discussions to streamline the process of Membership and this effort is underway.

BOG and GBM Meetings :
Bog Meetings are being conducted regularly with the attendance of EC and BOG members and minutes are made of the same. Chapter Updates as well as governance matters of OSA are discussed in these meetings. GBM Meeting for 2020 was held in July 2020 this year.

Chapter Initiatives:
OSA is pleased to announce the Formation of a New OSA Chapter in Georgia. Mr. Bhabani Buxi has been elected President of OSA GA by the duly appointed Election Committee. OSA Family welcomes the addition of its newest member. OSA is in the process of modifying / revisiting chapter guidelines to bring clarity, relevance and make it easily manageable for local chapters to govern themselves. Accordingly the Executive team along with assistance of BOG has taken up this task and this is underway.

Website Management, Membership and IT initiatives:
OSA is in the process of transitioning to a new website to make it more secure, easier to navigate, post and update content, and to make information easily available for our members. We are also planning to automate the membership process with automatic confirmation of membership registration as well as notification to all parties concerned.

We have taken additional help for this initiative and this mammoth task is underway.

Happy Holidays to ALL
OSA Family wishes it readers a happy Kumara Purnima, Dusshera, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and wishes you and your family a safe and Joyous holidays.

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