Education By Debabandya Dash

For the past few decades and even today, there have been many problems arising in the means of education. These are problems that have been with us for a lot of time but nobody has recognized them. Today I am going to show you all the problems that have affected education in a negative way.


The biggest problem that the schools in the U.S are facing is that the schools don’t have much funding. For more than 90% percent of the schools in the U.S, the funds are provided by the government, largely generated by sales and income taxes. But research shows that funding has not increased with need. Many states are still complaining that funding is lower than it was a decade ago. This leads to fewer teachers, fewer opportunities, and programs, as well as diminished resources. Two things that cause schools to not get funding are charter schools and school vouchers. Charter schools are schools opened up by private and public funding and operate outside the public school system. School vouchers are vouchers that allow parents to send their children to a school of their choice using public funds. These two things take away some of the funds that could be useful to schools. One way to solve this problem is to raise the taxes to support the school as well as committing more money to the state budget toward education efforts. Even students are helping the community by doing fundraisers for their schools.


Another big problem in U.S. schools is that not much has changed in the past few years. Especially in the common core curriculum, which was developed in 2009 to determine the requirements of students for graduating high school. Because of this, teachers didn’t really get the chance to innovate and do new things, but since then, a dozen or more states have replaced these rules. Another problem is that there is a big push on standardized testing, which is not really good. This is because the teacher focuses on teaching things that are on the test and the other activities don’t really get the students to actually do it seriously. An example of this is the art class, where there is no test at all so all t7he students just have fun and don’t really give it that much importance. This is also related to the fact the teachers teaching methods are mostly outdated and there is no teacher innovation. This means that people learn things that were taught to people decades ago. The way we can solve this big crisis is by changing the curriculum, training teachers more and making them innovative in their own ways to make learning a fun experience for students


There are a lot more problems out in this world that need to be solved, but by solving these two problems education will be way better than it was and we will be the ones to witness it.

Debabandya Dash,

is 11yrs old and lives in


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