My Dream By Debasnata Dash

I say to you today,

That I have some dreams,

In the dark of the world,

Like the sun they would gleam,

I have a dream,

a world filled of peace,

no fear of the wars,

no flashes of steel,

I have a dream,

that all will be fair,

faith race and gender,

equality all would share

I have a dream,

of a world without lies

without tricks, plots or schemes

destroying bonds and ties

I have a dream,

a world without fear,

to speak think and believe,

none would shed a tear

I have a dream,

that the world be together,

rooted in their beliefs,

but still with each other

I have a dream,

that my hopes will not shatter,

instead they would bloom,

in a book a new chapter,

This is my dream,

For now till whenever,

That the world will be joyous,

And peaceful forever.

Debasnata Dash is 13yrs

and lives in Naperville,IL

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