Chapter Update: OSA Washington DC – Fall 2020

Chapter Volunteers in OSA National

Several members of our chapter also devote their time to important OSA National activities on a regular basis.

  • Utkal Nayak is our OSA National treasurer.  In addition to fulfilling his role as the treasurer he has been actively involved in facilitating major OSA cultural productions. OSA virtual convention, Nuakhai juhar, OSA souvenir release and award ceremony are some of the events that were effectively managed with the support of Utkal Nayak. Many other major events such as “Abhula Smruti”, various youth seminars were also facilitated by him.
  • Dr Babru Samal and Snigdha Hota (Mishra) are the OSA National editors. They are responsible for the publication of the quarterly newsletter Utkarsa.
  • Dr.Sikhanda Satapathy and Dr.Bigyani Das were the editors of OSA 2020 annual souvenir URMI.
  •  Anika Satapathy was the cover art designer and Dr. Tina Satapathy was the chapter graphic designer for the OSA 2020 annual souvenir URMI.
  • Dr Nita Mohanty is an active member of OSA Health and Wellness Group. She coordinated fundraising activities to support covid-19 management in Odisha.
  •  Mrs Anjana Chowdhury was in the OSA national award committee.
  • Manaswee Mishra and Debanshi chhoudhury are members of OSA National Youth activities.

OSA 2020 Awardees

Following OSA Washington DC chapter members received OSA 2020 National Awards.

  • Dr Pinaki Panigrahi was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Odia award.
  • Manaswee Mishra received Yuva Kala Vikash award.
  • Amrita Sahu received first prize in Meghna memorial literary competition in senior category.

OSA 2020 Virtual Convention Participation (July 3-5, 2020)

The DC chapter members participated in the virtual convention 2020. The chapter members participated in following major cultural activities.

  • Nirlipta Daschoudhury led a dance team for “AMA ODISHA BHUIN“ and coordinated the theme dance. Anuradha Panda, Bipsha Mishra Devina Mohaptra , Nirlipta Daschaudhury participated in this beautiful  patriotic dance.
  • Dr Bigyani Das led the dc chapter drama entitled “Ama Corona Kahani”. The drama was about the lifestyle changes due to coronavirus. Nistha Patra, Manoj Mishra, Snigdha Hota (Mishra), Pipi Das, Dr Bigyani Das, Sudhir Raju, Reema Raju, Dr Pradeep Behera and Sushmita Behera participated in the drama.
  • Deepa Parija participated in chorus song and represented DC Chapter. It was a beautiful chorus program presented by the singers of all chapters.
  • Kirtan Sahu and Subhalaxmi Pratihari presented their melodious voice in Bhajan and Mehefil.
  • Maushumi Pattanayak compiled all bhajan videos for the convention 2020. She also participated in Bhajan and Mehefil too.
  • Several children participated in activities such as odia speech, dances, and music in youth cultural program.
  • Several members participated in various seminars and odia poetry reading.
  • Manoj Panda was the organizer of the spiritual seminar.
  • Dr Ajaya Mohanty was one of the session coordinators of the OSA Higher Education seminar.

The DC chapter members in OSA Nuakhai Celebration (August 30, 2020)

Covid-19 brought many new technologies to the notice of common people that facilitated social communication. For the first time in history OSA National organized Nuakhai celebration of western Odisha through zoom and YouTube. This included the book release by Padmashri Haladhar Nag, a person of extra ordinary talent in literature from western Odisha. Many members of our chapter participated in the event. Mrs Snigdha Hota (Mishra) was the MC of the event. Sukumar Nayak and Bijay Satpathy made presentations on the cultural and general lifestyle of western Odisha. Many members of our chapter presented cultural items.

Chapter Ganesh Puja 2020 (August 22, 2020)

This year DC Chapter Ganesh puja was observed on August 22nd in the Jagannath temple in Cooksville, Maryland. Due to COVID-19 we observed the program virtually and there were many kids and adults that did the virtual puja with the same dedication as every other year.

It was a different experience altogether. We were able to perform the puja successfully by Lord’s grace during this difficult time. Special thanks to Pratap Dash, Bijayalaxmi Dash and Subham Dash for their efforts in conducting the Ganesh puja so nicely.

Our sincere thanks to following volunteers for their effort. The pictures are available at

  • Ganesh Puja program management charge - Dr Naresh Das 
  • Ganesh puja performed by Mr Pratap Dash.
  • Puja coordinators –Urmila Sahu, Bijayalaxmi Dash and Sikha Sen
  • Special thanks to Subham Das who helped throughout the puja in several areas.
  • Prasad preparation: Sikha Sen and Urmila Sahu 
  • Puspanjali prarthana – Dr Surendra Ray and Debanjan Chowdhury
  • Program technical coordinators:  Dr Ashutosh Dutta, Dr Bigyani Das and Nistha Patra 
  • Cultural program coordinator/Emcee – Soumya Mohanty  
  • Khadi chuan coordinator: Nistha Patra 

Thanks to following participants for their performances.

  • Ganesh Vandanaby Subhalaxmi Pratihari and Geetisha Pratihari 
  • A Presentation by OSA youth Team(Manaswee Mishra, Debansee Nikita Chhoudhury and the OSA team) 
  • Ganesh storyby Aryana Mohanty 
  • Bhajan byYash Sahu  
  • Bhajan byKirtan Sahu  
  • Bhajan bySubham Das  
  • Bhajan by Sulagna Das 
  • Bhajanby Aradhya Pradhan 
  • Ganesh Vandana by Ayan Biswal 


We appreciate following families for Ganesh Puja sponsorship  

  • Gatikrushna and Lali Tripathy
  • Soumya Pattanayak
  • Gyana and Sujata Bohidar
  • Bidya Padhi
  • Utkal Nayak
  • Dr Surendra and Sukanti Ray

Fundraising initiative for COVID 19

DC chapter members donated generously to  OSA Health and Wellness  pulse oximeter project . This project was led by Dr Nita Mohanty .This was a very successful fundraise event.

The DC chapter Kumar Purnima 2020 (October 31, 2020)

Thanks to all our participants of the virtual OSA DC chapter Kumar Purnima 2020. It was an exciting experience to prepare for a virtual event for the first time; we were slightly apprehensive about the user experience, but everything turned out well.

We had various programs in the event starting with virtual shout out by the children to our chapter’s emergency workers that are helping in this covid-19pandemic situation.

  • Thanks to OSA national executive team member Utkal Nayakfor broadcasting the event and helping us in the event.
  • Thanks to our cultural coordinators Deepa Parija, Nirlipta Das Choudhury, Nistha Patra and Soumya Mohantyfor their sincere efforts to make this event successful.
  • We are thankful to Mrs Subhalaxmi Pratihari for coordinating the virtual shout-out and Dhruv Das for assisting with the music videos.
  • We certainly missed the in-person socializing and the delicious food but we surely had a very good experience of viewing all our performances unhampered.
  • Thanks to Reema and Sudhir Raju, Meeta and Saroj Rout for sponsoring the event.
  • Thanks to everyone for watching the event patiently and cheering our chapter members.

Kumar Purnima 2020

We had our virtual program for 3 and half hours , live in zoom and Facebook.We had a variety of programs organized for our Kumar Purnima.

  • Kumar Purnima Theme songs
  • Virtual Shout out
  • Odiya songs melody
  • Food and Fashion
  • Oddissi dance
  • Bollywood dance
  • Food and Fashion
  • Kids Talents show


Thanks to DC chapter  families for  dedicating their time, energy, and love for various  community activities.

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