Chapter Updates: Georgia – Fall 2020

In October 2020, Georgia was warmly welcomed into the OSA family as the youngest chapter. In this short time, the OSA GA chapter has come together to display our passion and talent as the up and coming addition to OSA Family.

Kumar Purnima 2020

This year, OSA GA Chapter collaborated with the Southern Chapter to host a Kumar Purnima event together. For the first time in OSA history two chapters came together to host a joint-chapter event. This event showcased Odia parampara (traditions) through a virtual Kumar Purnima celebration. Over 60 OSA families from across the country attended and actively participated throughout the five hour event. In this program held through Zoom, local Odia community members from Georgia and Southern chapters presented their talents during an entertaining and interactive cultural program. The event contained a cultural program, kids quiz and interactive mehfil. The youth conducted a fun Kahoot game on knowledge of Odisha and its special festivals and holidays. It was extremely popular and kept the youth actively engaged through the program. As always, the Mehfil was very popular with participants actively singing, playing instruments etc late into the evening. What was originally planned as a 3 hour event, ended up being a 5 hour event with active participation throughout.

Virtual Balijatra and Chhadakhai 2020

Following the big success of the Kumar Purnima joint event hosted by OSA GA Chapter and Southern Chapter, we announced another collaboration event being held on December 5th. This is the first time any chapter will celebrate Balijatra and Chhadakhai. We will have Antakshari and quiz over a 3 hour event to be participated by Odias across the country and some from India. We will have further updates on the event in our next edition.

Bana Bhoji 2020

To kick off the beginning of our chapter activities, the Georgia OSA Chapter will be holding our very first in-chapter event on December 13th. We will be conducting a meet and greet over an outdoor event, keeping the safe social distancing practices in mind.

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